Monday, 10 March 2014

cover questions.

questions to apply to my cover

I put my model Justin Bieber in the centre making him the main view point with the articles around him. This contorts that Justin bieber is the main focus point of the magazine and the main article is about him because he is the model taking up most of the cover. The models position contorts that he is the issues is about him and features a large article regarding him. The text is positioned around the model making the reader see them when they are drawn to the text. The text uses radial symmetry and draws the readers attention to the centre where the model is situated. The articles are appealing to my target group of teenage girls with bright colours for some articles contorting that they are more informal and are gossip. My cover has a very informal tone which appeal to my target audience. The background is very plain which draws attention to the model and bright text. The album has not got many cover lines but the ones are arranged so they draw the readers attention to the model. One article has a picture below which is relevant to the article. The image is small and does not draw attention from the centre and surrounding articles.