Tuesday, 24 September 2013

photoshop evaluation

I like my logo because it shows exactly what the show is about with the hoodie showing the gang culture at the school and the knife showing violence. I got a simple school crest template of Google images and used photo shops free line tool to segment the crest into four sections. I then got images of a hoodie, a knife, a fire and a fist. these images show what kind of a school it is, a school that has violent thugs and frequent disasters like fires. I then used the insert text tool to insert "estate secondary school" at the bottom of the crest. the text font goes with the theme of the show with crooked writing showing a rusty broken school. I then added bullet hole images from Google images and put them about the crests, these show the school has been damaged by violence through the years and has not bothered to repair it. This show the school has not bothered to change the schools awful state. I added a silhouette of a school underlining the school title.

My logo could be better it could have colour to contrast with the silhouetted pictures. the logo could have had more detail and shown that is still a school despite the outrageous nature of the pupils. I could have spent more time editing the images and to fit better in the crest. the image looks a bit plain with no colour, the image could be improved the image with some colour despite the silhouettes are meant to be black and white.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

new photoshop skill homework

I learnt how to use the lasso tool which allows you select more small detailed things such as eyes or a bottle without selecting the whole image. I have made steps on how to use this tool.

The Lasso Tool in Photoshop. Image © 2009 Photoshop Essentials.com1. select the lasso icon form the left
2. select the standard lasso icon and use the free hand to draw an outline of the image you want
3. Photoshop will join the lines with a straight lines.
4.you then select the cropped image and are able to move it around.
5.you can delete the background an will be left with the image you used lasso on.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

album covers pt 2

 the denotation for this album cover is that their is a misty forest path with dense undergrowth covering the floor their is a person floating in the air. the mist is so dense that the tree tops are barely visible their is a Erie feel to the picture. the connotation is that the forest is dark and mysterious with a paranormal force lifting the person into the air. the person is in a trance and looks asleep while floating but still holding the briefcase.

the picture shows a man smoking something maybe weed he looks vary calm and the writing is in the Jamaican flag colours. he has long hair and a messy beard he. the connotation is that he is a Jamaican man with a very casual appearance. he is smoking weed which may be why he is so calm. he has not shaved for a while and has messy hair showing he is not fussed about appearance.

this album cover shows a man dressed very smart with a suit and hat and tie he looks very wealthy. the man has a cityscape in the background with people dressed in white standing behind him. their is building frames behind him too their is a storm visible in the distant with lighting flashing. the connotation is that he is very rich and
the people behind him could be working for him or
searching for him, he may be a wanted criminal.
the city behind him is being lit up by lightning which may
be his control over society.

 this albums denotations is their is a man with smart clothes and a blue background with a light behind him. the writing is in futuristic symbols like a code. the background has faded writing in different languages. the connotation is that he is wealthy and from the future with the symbols
and blue background. the light behind him may be a door to somewhere. the symbols are like computer coding.

album covers pt1

the disclosure album cover has two young children with white lines drawn on their faces creating a smile the boys wear the same colour shirts as trousers. they are both very young and have similar hair style and colour. the connotation is that the white lies are creating another face on top of theirs smiling maybe the music is making them smile with the lines as the music. the two boys look very similar maybe their brothers.

this album cover shows a man with a smart suit on with gold writing on. the man has a strange device over his eyes like goggles or glasses maybe helping him better the man is dressed very smart and the goggles have many lenses on it. the connotation is that the man is very wealthy with suits and the writing is in gold showing wealth. the goggles maybe give him a better view of things or he can see things through the lenses he otherwise cannot.

this covers denotation is that their is robot with two sides each a different helmet. the helmet on the left has a visor and a small slit for a mouth this robot. the robot on the right has no features and only has one large visor covering nearly the whole helmet. their is no writing on the cover  apart from a little at the bottom. the connotation is that the robot has two sides to him a modern helmet to the right and a older one to the left these robots are very recognisable so maybe they are the logo for the group and that's why theirs no writing the robots tell you what the group is.

coldplay myl oxyl oto
the connotations that the album is very bright with lots of bright colours scattered about the page with shapes and small graffiti writing in some places the writing is big and bold in white text. the cover is full of colour contrasts with writing on top. the denotation is that its trying to portray the bands life style with all the bright colours. the graffiti is lots of statements. the cover almost shows insanity with all the colours and symbols scattered randomly. the graffiti is lyrics from coldplays songs.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

the waterloo road logos made of school desks but the desks are not placed well giving the feeling of an unorganized school the picture also has broken desks so the school is really not the best school you could go to. the logo shows how the school is a failure and has little control.

this picture of a range of characters such as the casual laid back pupil to the clever intelligent pupil with perfect uniform. the picture also shows messy unhappy students who do not care about education. the picture also shows a sad lonely boy with only one friend. the picture clearly shows the popular boy and  the not so popular pupils in the school. the picture shows all different ranges of characters in a school with stereotypes and more complex characters the characters have little similarities all looking different and unique to add variation.

the program is on at eight o'clock on thursdays which is a school day so it tries to appeal to students and  young adults who can relate to the program. the school is shown from the start of the school day to the end so when you watch it its as if that happened today and you are looking at the highlights of their school day. most people watch television at this time so they would put this on so people could catch up on what happened to their favorite characters during the school day.

Monday, 9 September 2013

media diary

I wake up in the morning and watch tv which contains adverts and programs then i play my computer which has all kinds of media such as video, adverts and pictures. then I get the bus to school which has adverts on the side, then when I arrive at school i check the time on my smart phone. then I have lunch in the canteen which advertises food. when i have my lessons I use computers and videos to help my learning this is all still forms of media. when i arrive at home I play my xbox and listen to music on my laptop. then I do my homework and use the internet to help me with my work. before i go to bed I watch the television.

saturday I get up and use my television to play my xbox but then have breakfast which the cereal packaging contains adverts. I then get the bus into bromley and all the shops have adverts and some sell electronic forms of media such as DVSs or video games. I then have lunch which again all the packages have media displayed on the packages such as logos and adverts. I then listen to the radio in the car on the way back which has adverts and promotions. when I get home I do homework and listen to more music through my phone and research information on the laptop to help. when I go to bed I read my book until I go to sleep.

on sunday I don't set my Digital alarm I get up later and lounge about the house watching television and  going on my pc to play games or listen to music all these things use adverts. I then go out somewhere and listen to music in the car radio in the car journey I see lots of adverts on billboards. I then come back late and watch a film till late the film has ad breaks so it uses more media. then I listen to music while I prepare for bed I also to my alarm to 6.oo o clock. this diary shows that almost everything I do involves media.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

waterloo road is a school that has little authority and involves teachers who only care about their pay check and students who run wild doing what they want at school from smashing windows to wielding hockey sticks. The school headmaster has lost his mind from the chaos that the school is. the teachers watch all this happen while smoking in the school playground in front of pupils. The corridors are filled with litter and no work displayed on the walls. The students all are walking around in jumpers track suits and no school uniforms. The school is a joke with no authority, no order and no control!