Monday, 16 December 2013

lifestyle conventions 2-3

The magazine's target audience is women and the use of the model on the front cover appeals to women who want to look like the model on the cover. The article states "body secrets" making the audience want to know how to look like the model on the cover. The model is looking directly at the camera inviting people to pick the magazine up and read it. The pose too says that you the reader can  have a body like this and you need to read this article. The position of the model makes it the centre of attention inviting gaze and drawing attention away from the other magazines. Women who see the magazine see the model starring at them and think they could look like that bye reading the articles tips. The articles around the model are advice on style and diet contorting that If you follow these tips you will look like the model on the cover.

The magazine uses direct modes of address with articles such as "already in your wardrobe" which is speaking to the reader. The magazine features a two week gym membership which encourages weight loss and makes the reader feel that they have to have to be fit and slim. The magazine uses words like you and you're these are direct modes of address speaking directly to the reader. The cover advertises articles such as " 12 ways you're sexy" speaking directly to the reader about their lifestyle. Every article has words such as you to invite the reader to fashion their lifestyle like the magazine articles.

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