Thursday, 23 January 2014


Symmetrical balance is a mirror image balance and can be split in two to show the same thing on each side. Each side mirrors the other this is mostly seen in architecture. This magazine had the man standing  in symmetry the title also has the same color and font.

The light green text balances the neutral model and background. Our eyes are drawn to the light green light text that stands out in front of the dull background. The text is bright and stands out to draw the reader into looking at the articles featured inside. The text colors contort that the text is the most important part and should stand out inviting the reader in.

This magazine uses isometrical balance by  value using the grey color s to balance the black and white colors. The backgrounds color has a mix of black, grey and white the magazine uses grey to balance the black colors against the white stopping them conflicting. The text around the title is grey to keep it clear form the black around it.

This cover asymmetrical balance by shape using a plain boring background with the model centered in front of it. The readers attention is focused on the model rather than the boring background. The model balances the plain background.

his magazine uses balance by positioning the text so that larger text on one side is balanced by the smaller text on the other side. The larger middle text is balanced by the smaller text in the bottom right corner. This is used to make the more important articles stand out to the lesser ones.

This magazine uses texture balance with the detailed background contrasting with the model sat neutrally in the middle. the Dark detailed wall and floor balance his simple expression and suit.

The balance on this cover is that the readers eyes are drawn to the articles where the model is looking. The balance is eye direction because the reader is drawn to the text because the model is looking that way.

This magazine uses radial balance because all the text radiates around the model in the centre drawing the readers eye to the centre. The text is around the centre model making it radial balance.


Really good piece of work with the right amount of detail and analysis. Well Done.

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