Tuesday, 1 October 2013

does hip hop givebthe wrong impression

hip hop videos show men having power over women and owning expensive cars and lots if money. this stereotype is wrong and normal men don't have fast cars and big jewellery yet hip hop make people believe that you need these things to be a real man. Hip hop videos show men having control over women and women almost worshipping the men. The videos all have the same things such as men in fast cars with jewellery and dominating the women and other men giving the viewer the impression that you need to be like this to be a real man.  If men really treated women as they do in the videos then there would nether be any real relationships. The videos impose if you are not like this you are weak and a wimp this makes men feel bad because they don't control women and have fast cars.The videos clearly display and unhealthy take on manhood and power over the opposite sex.

 The girls in the video are shown having thin bodies and large breasts which implies that all women should have perfect bodies. the men in the videos only ever look at these girls so girls watching the video will feel that men wouldn't be interested in them. the majority of the world don't have fast cars and lots of girls so the videos are an unrealistic view of masculinity. The artists make their videos like this to make them feel like real men and want viewers to envy their wealth and lifestyle. The girls in the videos are only actresses and models they don't really worship the men in the videos. To conclude the hip hop scene is a very unhealthy and unrealistic view on manhood these videos are wrong and give a negative output. I think these videos should be more realistic and give viewers  better role models.



Sound analysis with some good points of view. Evidence is not clear and key examples would help your point. 

T: Make sure that you use key examples and put capital letters in the correct places.


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  1. Make sure that you put capital letters in the correct places. Good response, but lacking in key examples.