Tuesday, 24 September 2013

photoshop evaluation

I like my logo because it shows exactly what the show is about with the hoodie showing the gang culture at the school and the knife showing violence. I got a simple school crest template of Google images and used photo shops free line tool to segment the crest into four sections. I then got images of a hoodie, a knife, a fire and a fist. these images show what kind of a school it is, a school that has violent thugs and frequent disasters like fires. I then used the insert text tool to insert "estate secondary school" at the bottom of the crest. the text font goes with the theme of the show with crooked writing showing a rusty broken school. I then added bullet hole images from Google images and put them about the crests, these show the school has been damaged by violence through the years and has not bothered to repair it. This show the school has not bothered to change the schools awful state. I added a silhouette of a school underlining the school title.

My logo could be better it could have colour to contrast with the silhouetted pictures. the logo could have had more detail and shown that is still a school despite the outrageous nature of the pupils. I could have spent more time editing the images and to fit better in the crest. the image looks a bit plain with no colour, the image could be improved the image with some colour despite the silhouettes are meant to be black and white.

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  1. LOGO: C3 - Your logo has a few clear connotations and shows the development of your cutting skills. I feel that it needs a bit extra design consideration, perhaps colour or a background/setting.
    T: Focus on developing the texture of the logo by adding colour and background.

    EVAL: C2 - a solid evaluation reflection on the skills learnt and what you would do better. However you didn't mention about the connotations of the logo.
    T: Analyse the connotations of your logo.