Sunday, 15 September 2013

album covers pt1

the disclosure album cover has two young children with white lines drawn on their faces creating a smile the boys wear the same colour shirts as trousers. they are both very young and have similar hair style and colour. the connotation is that the white lies are creating another face on top of theirs smiling maybe the music is making them smile with the lines as the music. the two boys look very similar maybe their brothers.

this album cover shows a man with a smart suit on with gold writing on. the man has a strange device over his eyes like goggles or glasses maybe helping him better the man is dressed very smart and the goggles have many lenses on it. the connotation is that the man is very wealthy with suits and the writing is in gold showing wealth. the goggles maybe give him a better view of things or he can see things through the lenses he otherwise cannot.

this covers denotation is that their is robot with two sides each a different helmet. the helmet on the left has a visor and a small slit for a mouth this robot. the robot on the right has no features and only has one large visor covering nearly the whole helmet. their is no writing on the cover  apart from a little at the bottom. the connotation is that the robot has two sides to him a modern helmet to the right and a older one to the left these robots are very recognisable so maybe they are the logo for the group and that's why theirs no writing the robots tell you what the group is.

coldplay myl oxyl oto
the connotations that the album is very bright with lots of bright colours scattered about the page with shapes and small graffiti writing in some places the writing is big and bold in white text. the cover is full of colour contrasts with writing on top. the denotation is that its trying to portray the bands life style with all the bright colours. the graffiti is lots of statements. the cover almost shows insanity with all the colours and symbols scattered randomly. the graffiti is lyrics from coldplays songs.

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