Sunday, 15 September 2013

album covers pt 2

 the denotation for this album cover is that their is a misty forest path with dense undergrowth covering the floor their is a person floating in the air. the mist is so dense that the tree tops are barely visible their is a Erie feel to the picture. the connotation is that the forest is dark and mysterious with a paranormal force lifting the person into the air. the person is in a trance and looks asleep while floating but still holding the briefcase.

the picture shows a man smoking something maybe weed he looks vary calm and the writing is in the Jamaican flag colours. he has long hair and a messy beard he. the connotation is that he is a Jamaican man with a very casual appearance. he is smoking weed which may be why he is so calm. he has not shaved for a while and has messy hair showing he is not fussed about appearance.

this album cover shows a man dressed very smart with a suit and hat and tie he looks very wealthy. the man has a cityscape in the background with people dressed in white standing behind him. their is building frames behind him too their is a storm visible in the distant with lighting flashing. the connotation is that he is very rich and
the people behind him could be working for him or
searching for him, he may be a wanted criminal.
the city behind him is being lit up by lightning which may
be his control over society.

 this albums denotations is their is a man with smart clothes and a blue background with a light behind him. the writing is in futuristic symbols like a code. the background has faded writing in different languages. the connotation is that he is wealthy and from the future with the symbols
and blue background. the light behind him may be a door to somewhere. the symbols are like computer coding.

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  1. Good effort Jake, your connotations are mostly good but you need to start to link the connotations and meaning to the music or artist.