Tuesday, 10 September 2013

the waterloo road logos made of school desks but the desks are not placed well giving the feeling of an unorganized school the picture also has broken desks so the school is really not the best school you could go to. the logo shows how the school is a failure and has little control.

this picture of a range of characters such as the casual laid back pupil to the clever intelligent pupil with perfect uniform. the picture also shows messy unhappy students who do not care about education. the picture also shows a sad lonely boy with only one friend. the picture clearly shows the popular boy and  the not so popular pupils in the school. the picture shows all different ranges of characters in a school with stereotypes and more complex characters the characters have little similarities all looking different and unique to add variation.

the program is on at eight o'clock on thursdays which is a school day so it tries to appeal to students and  young adults who can relate to the program. the school is shown from the start of the school day to the end so when you watch it its as if that happened today and you are looking at the highlights of their school day. most people watch television at this time so they would put this on so people could catch up on what happened to their favorite characters during the school day.

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