Monday, 9 September 2013

media diary

I wake up in the morning and watch tv which contains adverts and programs then i play my computer which has all kinds of media such as video, adverts and pictures. then I get the bus to school which has adverts on the side, then when I arrive at school i check the time on my smart phone. then I have lunch in the canteen which advertises food. when i have my lessons I use computers and videos to help my learning this is all still forms of media. when i arrive at home I play my xbox and listen to music on my laptop. then I do my homework and use the internet to help me with my work. before i go to bed I watch the television.

saturday I get up and use my television to play my xbox but then have breakfast which the cereal packaging contains adverts. I then get the bus into bromley and all the shops have adverts and some sell electronic forms of media such as DVSs or video games. I then have lunch which again all the packages have media displayed on the packages such as logos and adverts. I then listen to the radio in the car on the way back which has adverts and promotions. when I get home I do homework and listen to more music through my phone and research information on the laptop to help. when I go to bed I read my book until I go to sleep.

on sunday I don't set my Digital alarm I get up later and lounge about the house watching television and  going on my pc to play games or listen to music all these things use adverts. I then go out somewhere and listen to music in the car radio in the car journey I see lots of adverts on billboards. I then come back late and watch a film till late the film has ad breaks so it uses more media. then I listen to music while I prepare for bed I also to my alarm to 6.oo o clock. this diary shows that almost everything I do involves media.

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